National Museum of Industrial History

Here are the past presentations done at the museum that were recorded to view on line. The link below goes to the page where they may be viewed.

–How It Works: Blast Furnaces

–The Snow Corliss Engine at NMIH

–Chief Engineer – Washington Roebling – The Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge

–Building with Steel – Where Was It Made?

–Quakers, Guns and the British Industrial Revolution

–Iron vs. Steel

–Little Trains for Big Steel

–Geography, Geology and Genius
 This past February Martha Capwell Fox gave a talk to our annual dinner attendees on   this subject.

–Cork Wars: Intrigue and Industry in World War II

–Pittsburgh, Steel, and the 1918 Pandemic

–Inside the Demise of Martin Tower with NMIH Director of Marketing
and Public Relations Glenn Koehler

–Bethlehem Steel, Industry, and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic with James Higgins

–The President’s Pump with Mark Connar
Mark gave the OE Chapter a talk on the pump in October 2017. This talk adds information he has learned from further research on the site.

–Bethlehem Steel’s Last 20 Years, Building Bridges and Buildings

–From the Archives: Mining Photography of George Bretz