Introduction to the Railroads of the Civil War

A Civil War Round Table with Bernard Kempinski

August 26, 2020 6:00 pm

This is a zoom webinar hosted by the Legacy Foundation of the Union League

In the two decades before the start of the Civil War the railroads of the United States underwent a period of amazing growth and technological development. Nonetheless, railroads were still in their infancy. It was during the rebellion that railroads came of age. They became both strategic resources, as well as military targets, precisely because they were strategic resources. During the war, soldiers, material and food were routinely transported by rail along with civilians and the raw material necessary to keep the war effort progressing. While the modern viewer would recognize the civil war era railroad and its primary components, many differences, some obvious and some subtle, exist between then now. In this program, author and railroad historian Bernard Kempinski will try to explain how railroads were built, operated, contributed to the start of the war and affected its prosecution. A model railroader as well, Kempinski will also show examples of how he is modeling a civil war era railroad set in 1863 in Virginia.

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Below is a link on You tube for a previous talk. It was an excellent presentation by Charles Duff on his book “The North Atlantic Cities.” Much of it is a discussion of the development of the row house and its translation from Europe to America.

Probably the talk on Railroads will appear later on this You Tube list from the Legacy Foundation. Share it those who might miss the talk on the 26th.