New Source of Railroad photos

Media High Bridge2

Image from Media Historic Archives Commission Stephen H. Appleton Collection

Member Adam Levine shares this information on a project of his involving about a year of scanning, editing, and cataloging glass plates ranging from 4×5 to 8×10 in size that have never before been available.  Adam is chairman of the Media (Pa.) Archives Commission. The group recently put online the Stephen H. Appleton Collection which includes more than 2,000 glass photographic negatives, taken in Media, Pennsylvania and vicinity from 1888 to 1909.  You can find the collection at

Adam is informing the Oliver Evans chapter because the collection includes about 200 photographs related to local railroads. These images can be located on the Archives website by using the Browse & Search by subject headings. He is hoping that members with knowledge of the subjects can provide more information about the photos. Adam adds, “The photographer was very cryptic in his descriptions, and while I have tried to more fully identify and locate the photos, I’m not a railroad expert and would appreciate any input people want to give.”

People can respond through the “Contact Us” link on the website.