Wayne Junction Walking Tour

The Preservation Alliance For Greater Philadelphia

A Special Architecture Walking Tour

The Wayne Junction Historic District, bordering lower Germantown and upper Nicetown, was once a bustling Philadelphia industrial center known as “Workshop of the World.” In the later decades of the 1900s, Wayne Junction experienced disinvestment and decline as manufacturing moved elsewhere, leaving many of the buildings vacant and deteriorated. Join real estate developer and Preservation Alliance board member Ken Weinstein for a tour of the historic Wayne Junction area to get a closer look at his redevelopment projects while experiencing Philadelphia’s historical importance in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the hope and potential for Wayne Junction’s future.

The cost for the tour is $20 for Preservation Alliance members and $25 for non-members. 

Here is the link for more information and to register for the tour:

https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FBe1l2PWJGie690k1FtmvETatDLwdXQ9Tq8cjrm3TKVFBoc _kmKutYKnOPjGzaRZua1Ux1mqgLmq0KgTjeYcywk1p99HsUQ4A1ar50kfWnOPc4KpJfHGvyWWByR1hvV-RRl6OJ7Dd5vY-flXqtGc2m_xrK0QEaqbm5_9yDPtIExqNen-kEmNnoScJqFbHSRFol4cJyy31joecDuFyL5A6hma5dZCsq0z&c=6_akYkifmEgw6dijcc1NyMQD3gPDvHFK4hrLmpJt0ogaToyM7Ur79Q==&ch=-0dLiAnomGKl_YT_0m7GRDzIGZ560tpSadT7dgTOAF_dhALD76-UQw==