Frankford’s Elevated Railway and Its Predecessors



The Frankford El Centennial

A presentation by

Harry Garforth

Our next in-person program commemorates 100 years of service for the Frankford railway, which opened for business on November 5, 1922.  Our speaker will be Harry Garforth, author of a new book, FRANKFORD’S ELEVATED RAILWAY And Its Predecessors, a cooperative effort by the author, HSF and the Philadelphia chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.  The book features many images from our extensive photograph collection and is slated to be available for purchase on the night of the lecture.

Address: 1507 Orthodox St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

This presentation will be live streamed via our Facebook and YouTube pages and will be available for delayed viewing thereafter.

Here are the links for the presentation:

Facebook live-streamed event:
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