Philadelphia Wastewater Treatment Plant Virtual Tour

Presented by Environmental Engineer, Drew Brown

Thu, November 10, 2022, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST

Our virtual tour will take virtual visitors behind the scenes at the City’s Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant to follow polluted wastewater step by step through the treatment plant until the cleaned wastewater is cleaner than the Delaware River itself and can be discharged safely to it.

Philadelphia’s sewers and the City’s three water pollution control plants, including its award-winning Southeast Plant – all repaired, rebuilt, and/or expanded under the Clean Water Act – have played a major role in making the region’s streams, small and large, cleaner from the City’s northern limits to the mouth of the Delaware Bay. These streams 50 years ago were: polluted with sewage, industrial waste, and trash; unfit for recreation; unhealthy for habitation by aquatic wildlife; and, barely useable as potable water supply. Today, 50 years after passage of the Clean Water Act, the region’s streams are valued by the public for their abundant natural resources, for the many recreational opportunities they offer, and as the source of drinking water that is potable and tastes good.

There is also a video presentation available to watch by Adam Levine, Water Department Historian.
River Rebirth, a History: Why Our Rivers Needed Cleaning Up