Wayne Junction Historic District


The Designation Committee of the Philadelphia Historical Commission has called for recommendations concerning the creation of a new industrial heritage district in Nicetown/Lower Germantown. Kim Broadbent who wrote the nomination, gave our chapter a tour back in 2013. She has written a terrific, in depth nomination of the area and its industries. It can be accessed at this link:  https://www.phila.gov/historical/Documents/wayne-junction-historic-district.pdf

The Chapter is sending a recommendation for approval of this nomination. If you have any comments, please send them to the committee members. Here is their request and contact information.


The Wayne Junction Historic District will at last be on the Agenda of the Phila Historical Commission July 13, 2018 (It has been on the National Register since 2012.) At this time the commission will vote to determine if the district will be added to the local register. It is important for the commission to know there is support for this important nomination. We need you/your organization to send letters of support. They can be emailed or mailed see below information. You are welcome as always to attend the public hearing July 13, 9 am-noon, 1515 Arch St 18th flr.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Regards -Allison Weiss, awfromhh2@gmail.com, 215 843 5555

link to nomination:   https://www.phila.gov/historical/Documents/wayne-junction-historic-district.pdf

Email Support:

Designation Committee/Historical Commission

Executive Dir: Jonathan Farnham, jon.farnham@phila.gov

Staff: Kim Broadbent, kim.broadbent@phila.gov

Committee Chair: Robert Thomas rthomas@campbellthomas.com