More than just trains…homage to “workshop of the world”

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The Oliver Evans Chapter presents

More than just trains…homage to “workshop of the world”
A virtual presentation by Ron Hoess, OE Chapter Member
Tuesday, January 11, 2022  6:30pm

The Zoom link for the program will be sent at a date closer to the time of the presentation

View from 19th and Cambria Stifftown Branch

Over the last 7 years I have been constructing what is referred to as a prototype train layout, meaning a layout that represents a very specific time and place. The layout is set in North Philadelphia circa 1958 and depicts approximately 3 miles of the Pennsylvania Railroad starting just south of North Philadelphia Station and encompassing the first two miles of the Chestnut Hill Branch. In order to accurately portray the area all the structures on the layout are scratchbuilt so they actually look like the buildings that were there. This work is based on research using Sanborn maps and photographs from the city archives or aerial photographs taken in the 1930s. The history of each of these buildings not only reflects the broad spectrum of Philadelphia industries but also what was happening in the post WWII transition period. Sadly nearly half of the buildings depicted on the layout no longer exist or are abandoned. Nevertheless the layout serves as an act of preservation, albeit in miniature, of a great industrial city.

Harrison Safety Boiler works 17th St.