AECOM’s I-95 Archaeology Center Tour

Saturday, April 9, 2022, 18 OE Chapter members visited the center and were treated to a thorough presentation on work at the lab and on material recovered from the excavations along I-95.  There are a number of exhibit cases displaying artifacts representing previous houses and factories in the area.
Prominently featured were pieces from the Dyott Glass Works. The glassblowers often created fanciful pieces on their off hours.
Other cases displayed household items recovered from backyard privies behind houses once located in the neighborhoods along the highway.
Wooden remnants of a canal were found when excavations proceeded up Aramingo Avenue.

The Penn Treaty Museum is housed in the same building as the AECOM lab. So our members were treated to a tour of the museum that features artifacts and images presenting the history of the treaty between William Penn and the elders of the Lenape.

Today, the museum has evolved from a website to a bricks and mortar facility with collection of Treaty related artifacts on display, a volunteer staff and projects to ensure that the story of the original stewards of the land and William Penn endures.