A special tour of the Neon Museum of Philadelphia

Saturday, November 19, 2022 – noon

The Neon Museum of Philadelphia is a cultural and educational organization dedicated to preserving neon signage, Philadelphia history and art, and the 20th century American roadside.  We’re an American art and history museum disguised as a neon museum.

The Museum’s signs are a window into pre-Internet America — communities built on mom-and-pop businesses, blue collar skills, kids playing in streets, and face-to-face interaction.

We celebrate facets of this 20th century culture. For example, when you visit try your hand at deadbox, a classic Philly street game. While the original was chalked on sidewalks, the Museum has produced a portable version featuring city icons

Unfortunately the Neon Museum is closing at the end of December so this is the last chance for such a tour.

The Museum’s collection contains over 150 pieces, from large, animated commercial signs to one-of-a-kind artworks, featuring:

-Historic Philadelphia Commercial Signs
-National Commercial Signs
-Animated Signs
-Window Signs
-Point of Purchase Displays
-Neon Clocks
-Neon Art, Folk Art, & Found Object Constructions

There is a $10 entrance fee for the museum in support of collections.

Neon Museum of Philadelphia
1800 North American St, Unit E
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Southwest corner of North American and Berks Streets
There is a large parking lot at the location

Those attending the tour are invited to join members after the tour for a snack or meal at Sor Ynez, a Mexican restaurant at the same location.